Burials 1790 - 1794

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Date Name Age Abode Register Notes
09-Feb-1790 Thomas Clulow 21 Eaton Noose Son of Joseph & Hannah Clulow
09-Feb-1790 - - - […] Lane, Congleton -
20-Feb-1790 Daniel Birchenough 2 Nanchurch in the parish of A[…]stonefield -
Mar-1790 Mary Adderley - […] in Rushton James -
21-Mar-1790 Daniel Boulton - Macclesfield Son of Daniel & Hannah Boulton
25-Mar-1790 George Bailey - Rushton James Son of Charles & Sarah Bailey
01-Apr-1790 Mary Johnson - Lane End, Rushton Spencer Widow & […]elick of Johnson Johnson, departed this life […] March
04-Apr-1790 Sarah Hulme - Congleton Wife of John Hulme
20-Apr-1790 Adam Turnock 18 Roachside, Leekfrith Son of Adam & Mary Turnock
10-Jun-1790 Hannah Farral 12 Macclesfield Daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Farral
11-Jul-1790 Elizabeth Farral - Macclesfield Wife of Edward Farrall
15-Jul-1790 Joseph Turnock 6 Leekfrith Son of Adam & Mary Turnock
17-Aug-1790 Ruth Broadbent - Heaton Moor -
23-Aug-1790 Daniel Boulton - Macclesfield -
30-Aug-1790 Mary Thornecroft 25 Rushton James Wife of John Thornecroft
24-Nov-1790 Elizabeth Chapel - Old Smithies, Heaton Wife of James Chapel
11-Jan-1791 Prudence Clowes Inf Heaton Daughter of William & Jane Clowes
27-Mar-1791 Jane Armitt 81 Heaton Town Wife of Thomas Armitt
24-Apr-1791 Ann Turnock 82 Heaton Widow
04-Jun-1791 Samuel Moss - - Son of William & Jane Moss
02-Sep-1791 Martha [?]Dane - Clough House Wife of John [?]Dane
16-Sep-1791 Mary Shufflebottom Inf Rushton James -
06-Oct-1791 Charles Holland - Marchyard House, Rushton James -
16-Oct-1791 Jane Bailey - Oulton Wife of Josiah Bailey
19-Oct-1791 James Gardner - Graveyard Son of Daniel & Elizabeth Gardner
02-Nov-1791 Sarah Clulow - Broad Moss Wife of William Clulow
22-Dec-1791 William Bailey Inf - -
27-Dec-1791 Sarah Bailey - near Congleton Widow
26-Jan-1792 Edward Frost Inf Rushton Spencer -
30-Jan-1792 James Goodwin Inf Heaton -
Jan-1792 Ann Birchenough - Bent End, Heaton Daughter of Thomas & Mary Birchenough
10-Feb-1792 Dinah Goodwin 16 Hassall Gate, Heaton Daughter of Joseph & Jane Goodwin
22-Feb-1792 Jane Gibson Inf Rushton Spencer Daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Gibson
27-Feb-1792 Ann Dresser - The Fox, Rushton James Wife of Thomas Dresser
23-Mar-1792 Thomas Kent 11y 8m Rushton Marsh Son of Thomas & Sarah Kent
13-May-1792 William Broomfield Pedley - Rushton James -
03-Jun-1792 Ann Houghton - Doctors, Congleton Wife of John Houghton
12-Jun-1792 Thomas Armitt 83 Heaton Town -
13-Jun-1792 Ann Hobson - Sand Hole, Rushton James Widow
24-Jun-1792 Solomon Harrison 20 Toft House, Heaton Son of William & Margaret Harrison
25-Jun-1792 Isaac Kirkham Inf Marsh House Son of Samuel & Eliza Kirkham
05-Sep-1792 Edward Turnock 90 Bradnop, Leek -
09-Sep-1792 Elizabeth Kirkham 25 Marsh House Wife of Samuel Kirkham
18-Oct-1792 William Knight 16 Wolf Low, Rushton James -
31-Oct-1792 John Bradley - […] Meadow, Rushton Spencer -
17-Jan-1793 Thomas Dresser - The Fox, Rushton James -
Jan-1793 Ann Hasal - Macclesfield -
18-Jan-1793 Esther Woodward - The Low, Heaton Widow
28-Jan-1793 Ann Gibson - Tan House, Heaton -
04-Feb-1793 Clare Clowes 28 Marsh House Daughter of Mary Clowes
12-Feb-1793 Thomas Birchinall 73 The Cloud, Rushton Spencer Died the 8th
10-Mar-1793 Peter Smith 11 - Killed in Danebridge Cotton Mills
16-Mar-1793 Charles Shufflebottom Inf Salters Ford -
09-Apr-1793 William Ensworth - Woodhouse Green Formerly of Chad-kirk, Cheshire
12-Apr-1793 James Clowes - Biddulph Son of James & Rachel Clowes
14-Apr-1793 John Moss 16 Tanhill, Heaton Son of John & Elizabeth Moss
18-Apr-1793 Hannah Clowes Inf […]land, Leekfrith Daughter of Joseph & Mary Clowes
04-May-1793 Mary Ash - Upper Hulme, Leekfrith Wife of George Ash
07-May-1793 Mary Sharp - Endon Widow of John Sharp late of Cloud House
11-Jun-1793 Joseph Newsham Inf Bottom o' the Bank, Rushton Spencer Son of George & Sarah Newsham
17-Jun-1793 James Kirkham   […]brook, Rushton Spencer Son of Samuel & Eliza Kirkham
20-Jun-1793 Daniel Gardner - Graves-end, Rushton Spencer -
22-Jul-1793 Thomas Kirkham - [?]brook, Rushton Spencer Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Kirkham
30-Jul-1793 Ann Moss Inf Rushton James Daughter of James & Nancy Moss
30-Jul-1793 Joseph Buckley Inf Rushton James Illegitimate daughter of Mary Buckley
08-Aug-1793 Sarah Dale Inf Heaton Daughter of Thomas & Hannah Dale
18-Sep-1793 Thomas Pool 25 The Gate, Rushton James Son of William & Elizabeth Pool
20-Sep-1793 Clare Frost Inf - Daughter of James & Jane Frost
15-Dec-1793 Hannah Bolton - Macclesfield Late of Heaton
10-Dec-1793 Margaret Harrison - - Daughter of […] & Nathaneal Hall of Lee in Rushton Spencer, She married William Harrison of Congleton Moss in Cheshire, she had […] by him named William & Ely she died at Manchester & was buried at Bowden near Manchester
26-Feb-1794 Martha Mitchell 73 Rushton James wife of Richard Mitchell
03-Feb-1794 Elizabeth Leighton - The Fox, Rushton James Wife of Daniel Leighton
09-Apr-1794 Catherine Smith - Heaton Daughter of William Smith
04-May-1794 Thomas Johnson - - Clerk & Schoolmaster
13-May-1794 John Smith - Danebridge Lane -
20-May-1794 Daniel Dale - Heaton -
30-Jun-1794 Elizabeth Ford - - -
30-Jun-1794 Richard Whillock - - -
16-Jul-1794 Sarah Davenport - - -
30-Oct-1794 Thomas Clowes - - -
20-Nov-1794 Mary Clowes - - Widow
07-Dec-1794 Elizabeth [?]Bold - - Wife of William [?]Bold
19-Dec-1794 Thomas Gibson Inf - -

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